Stuck On You lash adhesive eyeliner


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Line & lash with one single product, no glue, no magnets, no mess.
Developed in black, brown and clear ink, Stuck On You Lash Adhesive Eyeliner is water-proof, smudge-proof, re-stickable, giving all-day hold with any choice of lashes.

  • Description

    Easy application with its precision felt tip liner, minimizing your liner & falsies routine.
    Pair with byCaxs lashes to complete your DollEyes!

    Click here to watch our Dolls using Stuck On You Lash Adhesive Eyeliner!

  • How-To



    Step 1: Measure & trim your byCaxs lashes according to eye shape & length.
    Step 2: Dab your eyelids with tissue to remove any excess oil
    Step 3: Line your eyes with Stuck On You lash adhesive liner from inner to outer corner along the lash line. Repeat steps 2-3 swipes to ensure your eyelids are covered with formula.
    Step 4: Wait 2 seconds before applying byCaxs lashes & adjust as necessary

    Watch how to apply Stuck On You Lash Adhesive Eyeliner here.


    Step 1: Soak cotton pad with an eye makeup removal and gently press on eyes for 5 seconds.
    Step 2: Store your falsies back in byCaxs lashes box to maintain its shape.

  • Specifications



    Shelf Life: 2 years unopened; 2-3 months from date of opening. Ensure the cap is tight to prevent ink from drying.

    Ingredients: Aqua, Styrene Acrylate Copolymer, Propanediol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, C177499, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol, Octanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin