Rounded Filler Lash Kit


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Introducing the Filler Lash Kit: Lash application in just 1 step with our pre-bonded lash clusters.

Rounded Filler Lash Kit includes 27 lash clusters from 10mm to 14mm with clear band to create a classic doll-eye look.

  • Description

    Easy extensions for anywhere & everywhere, Filler Lashes requires no gluewater-proof with up to 5 days hold. These pre-bonded lashes are to be placed underneath your natural lashes, as close to the lash root as possible. Customize your desired style with 2-3 clusters for a softer look or follow our lash map included in the kit to create a full lash extension look.

    Each kit includes a non-stick applicator & provides up to 4 full applications depending on lash style. All Filler Lashes can be cleaned & reused with regular Stuck On You lash glue or eyeliner.

  • How-To


    • Curl natural lashes
    • Remove lash clusters from tray with non-stick applicator. Peel off each cluster by firmly holding above the base of the lash, avoiding the pre-glued roots
    • Stick lash cluster underneath your natural lashes, close to your lash line, starting from the middle or outer corner. Repeat until entire eye is filled, we recommend 4-5 clusters each eye
    • Use non-stick applicator to press natural lashes & filler lashes together to complete application


    • Use a cotton pad with oil-based eye makeup remover and gently swipe downwards until lash clusters come loose
    • Clean eyes to remove any glue residue


  • Specifications


    Rounded Filler Lashes Specifications
    Includes 27 pre-bonded clusters & 1 non-stick applicator
    Lash Style: Classic
    Type: Rounded
    Fibers: Premium Synthetic Hair
    Band Type: Clear Band
    Lash Band Length: 0.7mm
    Lash Length: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
    Up to 4 full applications


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