No, our lashes are not magnetic and has to be applied with a lash adhesive
We highly recommend
Stuck On You lash adhesive liner or Stuck
On You Strip Lash Glue to be used with our lashes.

Yes, our lashes can be worn up to 25+ times with proper care and
Wearing your lashes with Stuck On You lash adhesive
eyeliner prevents glue residue on lash band and prolongs the longevity of
your lashes.

While our lash adhesive eyeliner is compatible with any lashes, we highly
recommend using it with byCaxs lashes.
Our thin lash band is specifically
designed to work seamlessly with the adhesive for a strong, long-lasting

We advise to apply mascara on your natural lashes before placing your
byCaxs lashes as the weight of different mascara formulas may affect the
curl/shape of your byCaxs lashes.

Our Filler Lashes can be reused with Stuck On You strip lash adhesive after
its first use and once the tackiness of itʼs pre-bond has worn off.

Soak cotton pad with an oil-based eye makeup remover and gently swipe
downwards until lash clusters come loose.
Clean eyes to remove any glue
See how-to remove Filler Lashes

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