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Wonder Wand Cordless Automatic Hair Curler – limited edition


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Every Doll’s one-stop curling wonder for achieving luscious curls your heart desires.

Featuring a cordless automatic hair curler with non-toxic heat insulation material which prevents hair damage, scalding, and hair tangles.
Select from 6 different temperatures, 6 different timer setting, and curl direction to create perfect loose or tight curls on the go.


Step 1: Push up ON/OFF Switch and press Power Button to turn on Wonder Wand.

Step 2: Press Selection Button to select between time & temperature setting.

Step 3: Press Adjustment Button to adjust desired time & temperature settings.

Step 4: Insert hair into wand at either sides of opening, avoid inserting in both sides to avoid tangle

Step 5: Hold wand at 90 degree angle from face, hold the ends of hair downwards and press on desired rotation button to begin curling.

Step 6: Release hair when you hear the second beep

To Note:

  • Higher temperature settings and longer timer settings will give you tighter curls.
  • Do not immediately allow hair to fall on your face after curling as it could be hot.
  • In the event of a tangle, switch between Rotation Button and gently pull hair out at the same time to release hair.

    Watch Wonder Wand tutorial here.


  • 1 Cordless automatic hair curling barrel with LCD display screen, time and temperature setting.
  • 1 Micro USB charger
  • Timer can be set to 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 seconds.
  • Temperature varies between 150-200 degree Celcius.
  • Device will automatically switch off after 15minutes without operation.
  • 6 months warranty from date of purchase for 1 to 1 exchange or store credit refund if no available stock only for production defects. Warranty exclusion applies

Warranty Exclusions


  • All exchanges has to be done in-store physically as a check is required to be done.
  • Products found to be defective after the warranty period has expired.
  • Products subjected to misuse or abuse, whether by accident or other causes. Such product conditions will be determined by byCaxs Pte Ltd at its sole and unfettered discretion.
  • Products damaged due to a natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flooding, earthquake, or fire.
  • Expendable items, such as a fuse.
  • Products with no purchase record.
  • Products that have been updated, reworked, or improperly tested by the Customer, or by a third party at the request of the Customer.

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Out of Stock This product is out of stock, submit your email and we will update once it restock.